Year in Review 2021

Year in Review: 2021

When I think about all that has happened this year, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything and the people around me. For many, these last few years have been a mix of bittersweet emotions. We’ve lost loved ones and we’ve gained treasured memories at the same time. 

I’ve bounced between Palm Beach and Miami and I’ve finally settled on the Treasure Coast. My wife and I announced a baby boy to be expected next year. I finally traveled after these lockdowns, visiting Spain and Honduras. We’ve enjoyed these new seasons. 

I have had the privilege to provide value for many clients, ranging from SaaS, eCommerce, and other online assets for different industries. I launched a Notion database of 300+ best opening lines for creators to find inspiration.

In the spring and summer, I co-hosted a personal branding cohort called Build Your House Club which was an amazing experience. 

I am also spending this time reflecting on the next year. My word of the year is “listen.” I want to be a better listener in the relationships around me. I want to improve my art of listening to customers and their needs so I can provide better copy. 

A lot has happened this year and I look forward to the next.