man wearing VR headset to visit metaverse

Traveling in the Metaverse 

The Metaverse will change almost everything in our lives as the internet did.

We could be skeptical about the Metaverse and what it could do to society, but it also has significant advantages.

Everything is changing. No one can anticipate the future when dealing with an uncertain economy and climate. 

If we’re living in instability, we can use a technological substitute. The Metaverse serves as a lifeboat for reality. 

Let me explain.

We’ll focus on Venice first. 

By 2023, the city will charge most tourists for being there. You have to register on a portal and pay a few Euros a day. 

And it’s not a surprise.

For years, Venice has been voicing its concern about too much tourism. It has affected their infrastructure, historical sites, prices, and culture.

Venice will ensure fewer people can visit their city through a controlled process. However, not everyone can time their trip right for availability, nor could some afford the extra costs. 

Metaverse Travel will ensure that we can visit places like Venice forever and whenever.

This is, of course, assuming that we might have mirrored realities online. 

But as we’ll see soon, this is already happening through VR/AR technologies. I predict we will implement what we already have and integrate it with metaverse platforms. 

Travel Everywhere, Anytime

We will no longer face restrictions like price, regulations, or travel disruptions. 

We could visit a place like Venice whenever we want, wherever we are.

I often enjoy watching 4k video tours on Youtube. Even if I’ve visited the place in person, I have the opportunity to experience it again for free at home.

Does it replace going there in person? No. But it’s the next best thing. However, we would be naive to think we could access some of the best places in the world forever.

Build a Vacation Home

We can travel anywhere we want to, and we can live there. Imagine living in some of the most coveted places on earth. You can enjoy the scenery in 4k and experience life in a different location.

With my predictions about entirely new job opportunities and industries, you could possibly work in the Metaverse at your favorite vacation spot.

Imagine meeting your friends in a Paris cafe not far from your flat or going to a local concert at the park in Buenos Aires.

Want to move somewhere in real life? Rent space from someone who owns property in a city like Miami. Experience what it’s like next to the water. Then you can make a more informed decision.

Talk to Real Locals

We don’t know what a mirrored digital universe would ultimately look like. But we can expect people to gravitate to the places we know best. 

If you want to learn Spanish, you could visit Costa Rica or a digital hub full of locals who speak the language. 

Imagine taking classes and learning through an authentic experience. You can broaden your horizon and speak to people you usually don’t have access to. 

Sure, you had opportunities like these on social media. But unlike Web2, the Metaverse and Web3 will make it possible for natural encounters. 

You visit a public square and run into people. You see someone hanging out at a digital park. These are real multidimensional moments that allow you to build relationships similar to real life.

See History

We can experience history in the Metaverse. And in some cases, we can have a better experience. 

Again, consider the traveling Van Gogh exhibit, a virtual reality immersive experience with 15,000 square foot screens. Visitors can see his artwork like never before, watching paintings as they slightly move and come to life.

When the fire viscously attacked Norte Dome, 3D modeling and scanning helped restore damages. 

The Metaverse will help us experience iconic places but also help protect them. It will help restore places and works after disasters or help them live forever long after they are gone.

Whether in a classroom or at home, we will experience history in a digital reality one day. Visitors can take all the time they want without the crowds.

Research for the Real Visit

Nothing can replace a physical experience. Even if visitors want to experience a place personally, they can visit the Metaverse first.

After checking out each city or place on their shortlist, they can decide where they want to go first. 

Visitors can also make practical plans after noticing one place would take more time to appreciate and the other only a short time.

Travel to Metaverse Cities

It’s exciting to think about traveling around the world through the Metaverse. But we can also expect new and original cities that only exist in the digital universe. Imagine new cultures, fashion, and art that will rise from these places.

These cities might be so impressive that they may dwarf our physical towns. We can only wait and see how innovation, economic pursuits, and pragmatic solutions shape this new world.

Will It Replace Travel?

The Metaverse should not replace a physical experience. But it can provide many more opportunities to discover the world. 

We only have one life with limited time and resources. There is a high chance that we may die without seeing some of our dream places. The Metaverse gives us a rich experience not defined by material limitations.

The danger of the Metaverse is that we replace it with physical experiences. But when balanced and used to support real life, we can enjoy a fulfilling meta-life.