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The Metaverse Papers

The Metaverse is a new and exciting frontier in technology.

Some of us greet it enthusiastically, while others think of the dangers it brings.

The Metaverse is a very young field. But we can experiment and think of ways the universe can enrich lives, and anticipate some of the ways it threatens them too.

This collection of articles focuses on the opportunities of the Metaverse for digital creators, along with challenges that may present themselves. It also covers elements of Web3, the engine that powers the metaverse.

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Metaverse Digital Writing

What the Metaverse Means for Digital Writers

We are living in a renaissance ripe for the picking. How can digital writers utilize the Metaverse?

Digital writer using a keyboard. Build Digital Assets with NFTs.

How Digital Writers Can Experiment with NFTs

Writers can own their work and create a portfolio of value through NFTS with articles, scripts, landing pages, and other forms of content.

man wearing VR headset to visit metaverse

Traveling in the Metaverse

What will travel look like in the Metaverse? Would it replace physical travel? Learn how creators can utilize the Metaverse for new experiences.